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Riding the New Digital Waves of the Technological Hurricane

Jim Musgrave

This is the moment of calm. Can you feel it? We're in the eye of the hurricane. We are inside the hurricane of new technology that is ready to hit us again, full force and without warning, unless we can prepare to enjoy the tumult instead of fear it. Unlike F.E.M.A., we can organize and plan to ride the three dynamic waves caused by this mammoth new digital hurricane's force. I will cover these waves, one by one, to give you an idea of what's coming and how you can maneuver your board onto the crest, into the curl, so you can comfortably move out to the front of your board, to hang five or goofy foot, without wiping out. Are we ready? Let's go techno-surfin'!

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Jeffrey Diamond
Instructor, CIS Department
Santa Rosa Junior College

CCC Confer has added a new dimension to both my online and face-to-face classes. The ability to conduct virtual lessons, have them archived for later review, and online office hours give students the opportunity to interact with their teachers without the constraints of geographic and scheduling limitations. I consider this an essential tool for online classes. It raises the bar far beyond online syllabi, email threads and discussions groups. In addition the ability for students to access the archives can help students reinforce the information shared in face-to-face classes. The online office hours allow students to check in with their instructor in a much more convenient manner. Huzzah for CCC Confer.


Robin Rogers Cloud
Instructor, Art Department
Saddleback Community College

CCC Confer is perfect for art critiques for my online painting class.

We have the best art critiques using CCC Confer because it connects my students and their artwork.

Critiquing paintings online with CCC Confer is great with all my classes because:

  • It gives more time for painting in the classroom.
  • I can have critiques in the evening when students are more relaxed and have been away from their work. 
  • The students are really not afraid to show their work because they remain somewhat anonymous online.
  • Students are more likely to comment about their work and other student’s work because they are not face-to-face.
  • I can draw on the paintings and show other examples of works very quickly that you can’t always do in a classroom situation.

Students have told me that they prefer the online art critiques using CCC confer because I can draw on the paintings, change the colors and teach them more about composition.


David Kater
San Diego City College

When I started teaching online, a “frequent flyer,” Nemie Capacia, happened to be teaching at City and she helped me get started. CCC Confer is now a regular part of my online courses. I run a two-hour exam prep session before each exam, and several sessions before the final exam. The topic is beginning Algebra. There are plenty of practice problems to work on.

My favorite feature is app share (Application Sharing) – sharing a portion of my desktop. First of all, it works on Mac OSX. Yes!

Second, this capability means that I don’t have to prepare a formal presentation and submit it in advance. I can be totally responsive to student’s needs. I let them direct the session with their questions about the material. I can show them practice problems (PDF documents), quiz problems, and more. I can show them every aspect of using the course if they have questions on navigation or how things work.

In a typical session, students take turns asking algebra questions on the telephone line. I perform the solution using Mathtype (equation editor) anyway. Quite often, students ask follow up questions that lead to key concepts that are often overlooked.

CCC Confer give me that one synchronous contact with students in each module. For many of them, it makes all the difference. The students who attend love it. They can drop in and out and get all their questions answered….


Sylvia Amito'elau
Distance Learning Department
Coastline Community College

A big thanks to you and your staff for all your help these past few weeks to support Coastline College’s Summer Technology Training Institute July 22 - 23.

We used Meet & Confer on Friday and Saturday so that our two keynote speakers could address us. One speaker was in Maryland and the other in Ohio. Because we didn’t have to pay travel costs, we were able to get excellent speakers and still fit them into our budget.

For both speakers, it was their first time using CCC Confer. We had about 40 people gathered in a large lecture room. We had lunch in the room and then had our keynote speaker. Our media specialists fed the telephone line through the room’s sound system so the audio was loud and clear. Then the Internet portion was projected on the large screen in the room. We had microphones in the room so people could ask questions at the end of the presentation. A few people attended our training remotely so they were also able to participate in our keynote speaker sessions….


Laurie Huffman, MS, MA, Ph.D.
Los Medanos College

This letter is to thank you all again for your fabulous help and understanding as I learned how to use and appreciate our new teaching tool, CCC Confer this summer.   I taught two online courses in Spanish…. The course used a telenovela Sol y Viento, engaging them in a story of culture, romance and history that created a community of excited learners!   In order to supplement their learning, I used the web conference program CCC Confer to present lively discussions in the Confer environment.  I was able to import PowerPoint slides directly from their textbook and include picture references that prompted them to recall and respond to major points in the telenovela.  The most fun of all was when the Spanish learners jumped into the Confer site and began speaking and writing Spanish to each other in real-time…. 

Later, after the summer semester had ended, I evaluated my students only to find that their favorite part of my class had been their webconference.  Now if that is not a testimonial for CCC Confer, nothing is!

I thank you for making my classes more enriching, fun and pedagogically sound!  Now, I will take your technology to my campus and help others learn how they too can use CCC Confer.


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